Electric Motor|Water Pump|Generator Sets|ChinaMotorExpo - 2020年第11届电机电器博览会_中国专业的电机、发电机组、水泵专业采购展


  • Company name    booth number

    Fujian ambo motor group 1a03-08

    Weiling bearing technology co., LTD. 1a9-12

    Fujian wanda motor co., LTD. 1a13-18

    Guangdong ruk precision manufacturing technology co., LTD. 1a19-20

    Guangzhou feisi synthetic materials co., LTD

    Tsing tuo group co. LTD. 1a31-88

  • Company name    booth number

    hongqiao xinzhou electronic rush factory, yueqing city, zhejiang province.2A01

    Taizhou waveguide electromechanical co., LTD. 2A02

    Shanghai win double motor co., LTD. 2A03

    Tianjin bunt magnetic materials co., LTD

    Fujian adalon motor co., LTD. 2a25-27

    Shiyong (fujian) precision casting co., LTD. 2a35-38

  • Company name    booth number

    Foshan shunde vertical automation equipment co., LTD. 2a28-30

    Fujian huifeng motor co., LTD. 2a31-34

    Shiyong (fujian) precision casting co., LTD. 2a35-38

    Dongguan dongye hardware machinery co.,LTD.

    Dufeng (xiamen) trade co., LTD

    Taiwan motor electronic industry association 2B04

    Auri transmission electric co., LTD. 2B05

  • Company name    booth number

    Shanghai xiongPai electromechanical co., LTD

    Taizhou real co., LTD. 3A03

    China (shengzhou) motor and kitchen exhibition organizing committee 3A04

    Xiamen sida whole trade co., LTD. 3A05

    Shanghai jinke electric technology co., LTD. 3A06

    Taizhou fuanda cable co., LTD. 3A0

  • Company name    booth number

    Guangzhou hermann automation technology co., LTD. 5A01

    Dongguan metro machinery equipment factory 5A31

    Weichai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. 5a45-59

    Xiamen ding lifeng environmental protection technology co., LTD5A60<

    Ruian yufeng diamond tool co., LTD5A61

    Zhejiang xurui electronics co., LTD5A72

  • Company name    booth number

    Chongqing mingbei technology co., LTD. 6a01-02

    Delisi electric co., LTD. 6A20

    Qingdao fuyi aluminum industry co., LTD. 6A21

    Zhangjiagang ruihong power technology co., LTD. 6a43-44

    Liyang yufeng new material co., LTD. 6C01

    Guangzhou ning plastic rubber materials co., LTD. 6C05

The overall exhibiting quality of the Cross-Straits Electric Motor Expo this year has been enhanced. Hope the Expo next year will go more international with the cross-straits supports.

This is our company's first-time participating in this expo. We find that the motor industry of Eastern Fujian has very good development base and space. Therefore, we establish cooperations very soon...

The Cross-Straits Electric Motor Expo is more and more professional year after year. It's one of the significant platforms helping us to reach higher level and become more international.

The current trends of the motor industry include product efficiency enhancement and intelligentization development. The domestic motor companies will also follow the pace of the first-class countries in motor industry.

The Cross-Straits Electric Motor Expo has high specifications with outstanding exhibitors, wide-ranged and featured exhibits, and professional visitors.We have got fruitful benefits from it...