Exhibitors’ remarks - Exhibitors of Electric Motor|Water Pump|Generator Sets - 2018年第九届电机电器博览会_中国专业的电机、发电机组、水泵专业采购展

Exhibitors’ remarks

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Mr Lin Tengbin, Marketing Department of China National Technical Import and Export Corporation
Electric exposition fully shows the advantages of local industry. Diesel genset, generator, water pump and other motor products cover the extensive range. We build power plants abroad all the year round, the expo offers us a convenient sourcing support platform for us to understand the technical and economic level of domestic production enterprises, and to help us determine the qualified suppliers. In addition, the organizers provided the great and thoughtful services to all the buyers.

Fujian Tang Power Co., Ltd:
We have attended the Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition in Ningde for 3 consecutive years, and obtained a satisfactory result by receiving more than twenty new customers this year. The organizer is considerate in the booth design and exhibitor service, which is the guarantee of our success, and we are looking forward to attend the exposition next year.

Fujian Nanping Sun Cable Co., Ltd:
We rank the Top 10 in China’s wire and cable industry in terms of competitiveness, and this is our first time to participate in Ningde Cross-Straits Electric Motor and Appliance Exposition, and we have received more than 100 new customers at this fair, which is an excellent platform to promote our brand. Thanks to the organizers’ meticulous and thoughtful service, we hope the fair can attract more buyers’ attention with its better service.

Fujian Puma Machinery Co., Ltd:
We have received more than 70 new customers at this Exposition, and what impressed us most is that considerate and meticulous exhibitor service offered by the organizing committee, which makes our participation in the exhibition as smooth and productive as possible.

“Lang Tai” Intelligent Electronic Shoe Cabinet Co., Ltd:
It is the first time for “Lang Tai” to participate in the Exposition, with the main purpose to look for agent in Ningde area. At present, we have distributors in more than 20 cities across China, including Fuzhou and Putian in Fujian province. Through this exposition, we have successfully entered the Ningde market.

Fuan Nuoleite Electric Motor Co., Ltd
This is the second time for us to participate in the Exposition with a better overall effect than last year, and we received dozens of foreign clients’ business cards on the first day. The Purchasers and Enterprise Matchmaking Symposium is most beneficial to us, at which the buyers have shown clear intent for purchase, and we have more in-depth communication with them, which leads to satisfying orders.