Business Type:Manufacturer,Trader
Main Products:Digital inverter generator, DC generator, Welding generator, PMG Inverter alternator
Date of establishment:2012-12-14

WERNER (FUJIAN) POWER CO.LTD was founded in Fujian, China in 2012,mainly engaged in research and development of Inverter generator (for water turbine and solar power system), PMG,DC Generator, Welding generator, AC/DC Generator and so on.
WERNER owned intellectual property rights and more than 30 patents for invention, stucture, appreance and technology. Apply innovative modular stacking blocks design, simple structure, small starting torque, high efficiency. Integrate machine and electronic perfectly, multifunction. Auto protection, anti seismic, antiseptic, overcome rotor "magnetic" unstable problem, not high temperature, no demagnetization, supply stable performance products.
With modern production equipment and automated assembly line, our products have been exported to more than 20 countries in the world, especially in Europe and America, like France, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Chile and so on.
Our faith: Focus on quality, honest, commitment, to provide customers with high quality, reliable product.
Spirit "keep improving, continuous innovation" , grasp the development opportunities in the competition. We will be unremitting efforts, supply comprehensive, patient, efficient, timely service to our customers.

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