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AIP9873 series
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 Function feature:
n Hook dislocation: whether armature winding hook right or not can be tested and can be calculated the quantity of sheet in CW or CCW. This function is optional.
n Welding resistance position: the welding point of wrong welding resistance can be positioned accurately, and can be showed in graph.
n Self-diagnose: every model can be diagnosed automatically when open the tester, and the fault model can be reported and reminded automatically.
n Remote maintenance: The tester can be upgraded via remote control to ensure the service effectively after connected to the Internet. 
n Data share: the tester can connect to the internet to achieve the data interaction and resource share. And connect to the MES, the test data can be upload to customer service terminal automatically and this function is optional.
n Simple operation: equipped with Linux operating system, 10.4” LCD, two operating model (touch screen and keyboard), and help document in the function interface.
n Modular design: independent test module design, all the test items are separately because of the special design.
n Multiple port: equipped with internet port, RS232, RS485, LAN, PLC. conveniently connect with IPC and automatic production line.
Product description:
The latest development high-end motor armature rotor testing system test the fault point in the production process of armature through one -stop test, which provide the most scientific guarantee for enterprises products quality. 
Tester, equipped with two operating model (touch screen and keyboard), three start model (keyboard, remote control and sliding cover), can be applied to all kinds of AC/DC motor’ armature rotor online or off-line test, which meet the special technology armature, such as dual insulation. In the process of testing, the fault can be recognized automatically, such as the short circuit and open circuit of welding spot and winding, wrong winding, rack of fusion. The data quantity of test and fault can be counted automatically, which can be applied to quality management analysis.
Test: welding resistance, diagonal resistance, bar to bar resistance, AC Hipot, insulation resistance, and surge

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