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■ Loose wire detection: it’s an effective solution to solve the difficult problem of the industry, it can be used on the production line for bulk inspection without damage the stator.
■ Intelligent: the system can connect the Ethernet via network port, and achieve data communication and resources sharing to meet the requirements of internet of things.
■ Easy to maintain: support self-diagnose, remote control and software online upgrading. Modular design makes the board card can be changed easily.
■ Data statistics: automatically record the variation of each test data and test result, which can be used for the quality statistics, (optional )
■ Multi interface: the tester is equipped with USB, RS232 and LAN interface.
Product introduction:
This tester is suitable for the testing before stator impregnation, it can detect the contact between winding loose wire and lamination, no matter the wire insulation is good or not, and it will not damage the stator. It’s a technical breakthrough for motor testing industrial.
Test Items:
AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation resistance

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