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■High precision: electric quantity: 0.2%F.S., torque: 0.2%F.S., speed: 0.1%F.S., the minimum resolution of speed is 0.01rpm;
■Highly integrated module: input test, output test and load control are integrated together to avoid the unsynchronized tested data.
■Easy to switch: multiple dynamometers can be switched via switcher, while the switch of single-phase, three-phase and DC can be done through software.
■Intelligent protective function: for example, over speed shutdown, which could protect the dynamometer system from the damage of misoperation.
■Multiple testing functions: It could be conducted type test, factory test and lifetime test etc.
■Intelligent testing interface: dynamic user manual and automatic guide operation are more humanized.
■Strong software logic: it has strong error prevention function, which could prevent damage caused by mistake or misoperation to a great extent.
■Help and support: the software is attached with user manuals and the latest version of national standard files for conventional motors and electric tools.
■After-sale service: after-sale service hotline works for 7×24 hours, during which your puzzles or problems could be figured out at any time.

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