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AIP892X series
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n Easy to operate: 10.4 inch LCD. Two kinds of operation modes are available: touch screen and numeric key. User-friendly interface and each function interface comes with help document.
n High performance: support to test Hi-pot, insulation resistance, surge, winding resistance, inductance(optional)etc.
n Strong adaptability: support to perform the surge test for windings over 10μH, and close loop voltage feedback makes the test more accurate.
n Easy-to-maintain: support intelligent self-inspection, remote failure diagnosis and online software upgrading. Insertable card design makes it easy to disassemble and replace.
n High efficiency:all the tests can be done at one-stop with once wire connection.
n Multiple interfaces: the instrument comes with USB, LAN (can be converted to RS232, RS485 etc.) port, support TCP/IP network protocol, PLC simulation technology. Instrument control and expansion are quite easy.
n Multiple startup modes: button startup, sliding cover startup and network startup are available.
n Language: different language options to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.
n Intellectualization: the system can be connected to the external internet through the network port to achieve data interaction and resource sharing, meeting the requirements of the new generation of internet.
n Modular card design: independent testing module card, different function has different card.  
Product description
This series of product is applicable to perform the electrical performance test for various motor, such as home appliance motor (washing machine, air conditioner, fan etc.), pump motor, stepper motor, shaded-pole motor, series motor, servo motor etc.  All tests could be done at one-stop featured with stable, efficient and accurate.  
Test items:
AC Hipot, insulation resistance, surge, DC winding resistance, no-load, low voltage start, stall, rotation, FG characteristics

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