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AIP891X series/AIP9863 series
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Function features
n Integrated design: integrated frame design simplifies the operation of the station.
n Quick fixture: simple and efficient clamping method makes it easy to operate and meet the efficiency requirement of the production line.
n Software features: user permission setting function; large space data storage, up to 1000 groups of test programs can be pre-set.
n System connection: support to connect with the production management system.
n High performance: support to test Hipot, insulation resistance, surge, winding resistance, inductance, BEMF, Hall sensor etc.
n Strong adaptability: support to perform the surge test for windings over 10μH, and close loop voltage feedback makes the test more accurate.
n Easy-to-maintain: support intelligent self-inspection, remote failure diagnosis and online software upgrading, insertable card design makes it easy to disassemble and replace.  
n Easy to operate: professional testing software, user-friendly operation interface, built-in help documents, standard equipped high performance touch screen and digital keyboard.
n Multiple interface: the instrument comes with USB, LAN(can be converted to RS232, RS485 etc.) interface, support TCP/IP network protocol, PLC simulation technology.  
Product description
This series of products, suitable for testing the electrical parameters of brushless DC motor stator, are mainly applied in the stator electrical testing of brushless motor in new energy vehicles, fans, air conditioners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, power tools and other products. The pass or fail signal will be displayed and the voice and light alarm will be triggered as well. The testing system comes with safety light curtain to protect the safety of the operator.
AC Hi-pot, Insulation resistance, Surge, DC resistance, Winding inductance, Direction of rotation, Back electromotive force (BEMF), Phase sequence, Hall sensor test 

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