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AIP9873 series
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Function features:
n Integrated design: integrated frame design simplifies the operation of the station.
n Quick fixture: simple and efficient clamping method makes it easy to operate and meet the efficiency requirement of the production line.
n Software features: user permission setting function; large space data storage, up to 1000 groups of test programs can be pre-set.
n Simple operation: simple software operation, Windows XP operating system
n System connection: support to connect with the production management system.
1. Product introduction
This series of products are suitable for testing the electrical parameters of brushless DC motor with outer/inner rotors, such as the rotors of washing machines and air conditioners. The testing system consists of test fixture, industrial computer, master unit, system control software and various functional modules, by which the BEMF and Hall sensor can be tested. All the tests will be performed in the pre-set sequence after starting the test, and the pass/fail voice and light alarm will be triggered until finishing the test. The testing system is equipped with the safety light curtains to protect the operating personnel.
2. Test item
Back EMF, hall sensor test (high and low voltage, frequency, duty cycle, hall graph), phase difference (Back EMF, hall, Back EMF and hall)  

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