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CO2 laser inkjet printer
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The core optical components of hd-co2-30f CO2 laser coder are all imported products. The imported CO2 RF laser and high-speed galvanometer scanning system provide a reliable guarantee for the continuous and high-speed stable operation of the machine for a long time. CO2 RF laser is a kind of gas laser. The laser wavelength is 10640 nm, which belongs to the mid infrared band. The original imported CO2 RF laser has high electro-optical conversion efficiency and reliable stability. CO2 and other auxiliary gases are charged into the discharge tube with CO2 gas as the working substance. When a high voltage is applied to the electrode, glow discharge will be generated in the discharge tube, and then the CO2 gas molecules can release the laser. After the laser energy is focused, the laser processing can be carried out by controlling the deflection of the scanning galvanometer.
In order to meet the needs of different customers' production environment, the smart laser inkjet printer is specially introduced, which is convenient for customers to carry and install.

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